We want to be part of the journey NOT watch from the side-lines

We want to build strong relationships NOT just grow our investments

We want to support other NOT dictate how they should operate

We get excited by people NOT products and business models

At Flux Ventures, you will find a different solution to your seed/growth equity needs. Over the past few years you will have seen an emergence of more family offices who invest directly into small fledgling businesses versus relying on the tradition VC houses. Whilst that may be largely to avoid the fees, we at Flux believe the shift is being driven by another factor.

Entrepreneurs often conduct their business by building strong, aligned and productive relationships. Its these experiences that equip them well to identify new talent more effectively than traditional financial fund managers. The relationships they build also help them grow their existing and new businesses faster and more efficiently. The team at Flux, have spotted this and built a team that focuses on these areas.

We are active investors, and that means we want to make sure we tangibly create value beyond just capital. Whether that is through helping you create an impactful vision for the business, thinking through your short and long-term strategy or even rolling up our sleeves to help solve a particularly thorny challenge. Its important entrepreneurs feel the value of our entire network.

We are looking for early stage businesses run by entrepreneurs who share our values and are seeking not only capital but also hands on support to grow their business. We will only invest in businesses where we firmly believe in the team, particularly their ability to execute, willingness to listen and learn and critically their openness to change and evolution.