Who We Are

Our team constitutes two key Partners supported by an extensive network of active angels. This network provides support in all forms including traditional business support (i.e. accountancy, legal, capital advice) through to more importantly business growth support (i.e. sales channels, sales support). The Partners are both active entrepreneurs with experience across North America, Europe, the Middle East and Asia and a broad industry knowledge with a particular focus on Healthcare, Business services, Technology, Hospitality, Leisure and Innovation. Much like a family office, we are not a fund and not structured as one but have a network of Angel Investors who trust our judgement and experience. This enables us to be able to raise funds relatively quickly without the challenges related to managing multiple external investors.

Our Mission

At Flux ventures we work with entrepreneurs and their teams to grow their business and leap frog the unexpected hurdles that are thrown at us day in and day out.
We provide a dynamic capital model to help growing tech ventures … But we are more than just another ventures fund. We are investors. We invest our most valuable asset – ourselves: our experience, contacts, our unrelenting dedication and our time. This is what makes us different. We coach the founder teams we partner with from day one using a blend of strategic and tactical support in the day to day running of their businesses coupled with access to a network relevant to help the business grow fast.
The entrepreneurs we partner with are looking for much more than just a chequebook or a black book. They appreciate the value we can add and are willing to listen and learn alongside us on their journey to building a successful business.

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